Flooding – streams and rivers



Hassocks Amenity Association and HKD Transition held a joint meeting on flooding in Hassocks to consider what actions are being taken and what more can be done.

The meeting was a huge success with speaker Dusty Gedge providing numerous examples of where changes can be made.

Dusty was joined by Juliet Merrifield of HKD Transition, Peter King of Ouse and Adur Rivers Trust, Fred Maillardet from HAA and Kevin Macknay from West Sussex County Council, pictured above, to update people on local flood management.

Visit Dusty’s suggested sites at




Sussex Wildlife Trust has come up with a number of suggestions which we can do as individuals to counteract flooding locally.

The Trust says: We want to help people to influence their environment and to help tackle our water and wetland issues. There is a whole wealth of ways that you can help improve the health of our rivers and wetlands in Sussex. For ideas, see our Make a Difference pages, or help us with some of the following :-


Reducing Flood Risk in Hassocks  – A Report by Peter King of Ouse and Adur Rivers Trust. February 2016

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